Justice Fund Initiative

“Reimagining The Way We Do Good For The Better.” – OppFund

For years, OppFund’s team has provided mentorship and guidance to many of our clients, helping them access loan capital and navigate through the loan process.  

As a CDFI, we will always connect with our clients and personally guide them; however, we understand that it is most important to connect them with appropriate service providers to mitigate specific barriers.

Through our Justice Fund Initiative (JFI), OppFund now provides guided access to specific Technical Assistance and Wraparound Service providers, complimenting access to the loans we offer.

This is accomplished through key partnerships with Operation HOPE, Accounting Aid Society, Green Path, Build Institute, TechTown, NID-HUD Counseling, and other notable community stakeholders providing educational services, resources and training to individuals and business owners. 

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Questions? Check out our FAQs section.

Available Resources

Contact Information

Carlina Malone, Customer Experience Ambassador

For general questions, email us at: jfi@oppfund.org 

The Justice Fund Initiative is working to reduce/eliminate barriers to accessing capital. Check out our video below!

Our Intake Process

1. Complete Intake Form

Anyone interested in obtaining an OppFund loan will answer a series of yes/no questions to see if they are ready to apply and qualify for lending capital.  

The questions are customized, based on the loan product selected.

2. Assessment of Ability to Qualify

Upon submission, our Customer Experience Ambassador will review the completed form to determine if you are ready to speak with a lender or if you need additional assistance to become qualified.

If assistance is needed, your CEA will recommend the best options from our list of partners.

3. Applicant Contact/Discussion

Based on intake demand, your CEA will contact you within 24 to 72 hours to discuss your intake form and your lending needs.

If you need technical assistance, your CEA will provide options of in-person or virtual training/services to help.


4. Referral to TA Provider

With your commitment to services, your CEA will warmly connect you to the appropriate service provider to become registered.

Grant funds will be made available up to $2500 to pay for the cost of technical assistance services and training.

5. Reassessment & Referral to Lender

After successfully completing the recommended services, your CEA will reassess your ability to qualify for lending capital.  

Once qualified, your CEA will connect you to an OppFund lender to begin the loan process.

But don’t worry, your CEA will be available for questions and encourage throughout the lending process and beyond.

JFI and Technical Assistance FAQs

No.  The intake form is only an assessment of your ability to fully complete an application with all required documents.  It consists of yes/no questions to see if you are ready to apply or missing required information.

Depending on the assistance you need costs may vary.  However, with your commitment to receive and complete services, grant funding may be available to pay for the cost of technical assistance services on your behalf.

No.  In fact, the intake form only asks you to provide your name, email and an optional telephone number to be contacted by one of our team members. 

Unfortunately, not at this time.  Lenders view unemployment benefits as “temporary income”, because payments are received for a limited period.  Please view our brochure on this subject.  In the meantime, you can get prepared to qualify for a loan by accessing our JFI Community Resource page.

Send an email with your name, contact number and a description of your situation to jfi@oppfund.org.

Yes, many of the technical assistance services are offered in an online capacity.  However, there are classroom options available.