Opportunity Resource Fund is a tax-exempt, nonprofit community development financial institution (CDFI). We use investor capital to finance loans to individuals and organizations that have historically been denied access to capital by traditional institutions. These loans are used for housing, small business creation and community development – see our Success Stories section for examples.

Any individual, congregation, or corporation can become an investor! As little as $500 can help us transform Michigan communities. Learn more below or complete our interest form to get started.

Why invest with us?

Communities need a flow of investment and credit to stay healthy. However, many people and communities do not have access to the credit they need to improve their lives. Credit access may be blocked by institutional barriers that have their foundation in race or class, by the cost of borrowing, or because some people or organizations do not qualify for loans using traditional credit standards. In some communities, financial institutions may no longer even be present.

Lack of credit creates a cycle of disinvestment and perpetuates poverty.  When community residents do not own their homes or local businesses, money paid for rent, goods, and services tends to leave the community.  Without opportunities for ownership, the flow of money through a community cannot create local economic assets or move individuals out of poverty.

Community economic development builds assets in communities and enables residents of distressed areas to achieve better economic outcomes. With investment, residents can achieve home ownership, meaningful jobs, earned income, and long-term financial security.

“Investing in our communities multiplies the impact of our efforts, and fosters social and economic justice.”

How investing works

Opportunity Resource Fund is a state-wide loan fund dedicated to social and economic justice, working to improve communities throughout Michigan. OppFund accepts loans, donations, grants, and bequests from individuals, private and public foundations, religious organizations, corporations and others. We pool the proceeds to make below market interest rate loans for the benefit of our borrowers. 

community investing diagram

Investment at a glance

  • Who can invest: Any individual, congregation or corporation can become an investor in Opportunity Resource Fund.

  • How much to invest: The minimum investment is $500.

  • Form of investment: Investments take the form of a zero or low-interest, unsecured promissory note.

  • Time frame: Investments ranging from three to five years or longer are preferred and may be used for multiple loans during that time frame to make a greater impact.

  • Communications: We’ll keep you updated on the impacts of your investment with our website, email newsletters, and print newsletter.

  • Reporting: We have an external audit done each year to report on the state of our investments and loan fund and confirm that we are following proper financial procedures. Our investors each get a copy. We also produce an Annual Report (pdf).

Get started

To get started with your investment, simply fill out the form below. We will contact you to provide an offering circular and discuss the process. You can also reach DeAmo Murphy, our Director Of External Affairs (Investor Relations), at or 313.462.2414.

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*Disclaimer: This information is an advertisement on behalf of Opportunity Resource Fund and does not constitute an offer or solicitation. An offer or solicitation for our Notes is only made with the delivery of an Offering Circular.

More ways to support OppFund


Your tax-deductible donation helps OppFund reduce the cost of lending to our borrowers, so we can use our resources more efficiently.
Planned Giving with OppFund

Planned Giving

Make OppFund a beneficiary of your savings, retirement, or investment account, or include us in your estate plan, to keep supporting Michigan communities beyond your lifetime.

OppFund Upcoming Events


OppFund’s annual fundraising event, an Evening for Economic Justice, helps us provide loans to benefit Michigan communities.